The Orwell Health Story

At Orwell Health, not only do we want to create healthy, nutrient-packed foods that taste great, but we also strive to create 100% organic products farmed with care in a sustainable environment.
Our mission

We know where we’ve bean and where we’re heading.

In collaboration with nutrition experts, our wellness enthusiasts have spent years researching soy products packed with nutrients for excellent health. In 2016, we released our first range of soy products: Organic Soybean Pasta, which includes three variants. Moving forward, we will continue our research and product development with the aim to release further soy ranges by 2018.

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Organic produce and sustainability are at our heart.

All our soy products are 100% organic and made from raw soybeans. We source our soybeans from the Friendship Farm in Russia, which had been fallow for more than 25 years’ before we began growing our soybeans, which makes the land we grow on incredibly fertile. From start to finish, our farming process is free of chemicals, fertilisers, pesticides, and other artificial chemicals.

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